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Hello and thanks for visiting my small site.

I enjoy reading and writing about health and beauty. So the subject of this website is scarring – and more importantly – how to treat scars. This is very close to my heart. Not only have I suffered with the effect of acne scarring, but I have a family member who has suffered from accident scars.

And for many people as well, this is an important matter. Scars are, unfortunately, easy to get. Fall off a scooter on holiday and suddenly you have a few accident scars on your legs and arms, possibly other places as well if you are very unlucky ! Chicken pox scars – gotten when you were a kid and when you just couldn’t help yourself scratching those annoying blisters. Or what about hypertrophic scars – raised scars caused by large amounts of collagen. And let us not forget acne scars – the bane in the life of many of use who suffered first the humiliation of the acne (usually in our youth) in the first place… and then the resultant scarring.

Yes it’s quite maddening! Life throws many different challenges at us at all stages of our time on Earth, and yes we can sometimes we can do something about the less favorable aspects of these experiences!

So what I hope to do here is to both provide some information about what scarring is (there are different types) and then to offer you a pathway to reducing the impact of scars – to reduce them and to make them less visible.

And as scars fall away… fade away, well our attachment to them (yes it is an attachment, just not the healthy kind!) falls away as well, leaving us more at ease with our situation.

Finally – I love to hear from my readers, so if you want to contact me then please see ‘Contact’ and follow the instructions.


Hope you enjoy, and thanks again for visiting.


– Jill

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