Accident Scars And What To Do About Them

Dealing With An Accident Scar

One of the worst parts of being involved in an accident is the lingering effects a scar can leave.  Not only does it affect your appearance, it is a constant reminder of what happened. You try to brace yourself to get used to the way people’s eyes seem to find the scar, whether it’s on your face or your arm, or wherever.

But it’s always there and when you feel people looking at it you feel self-conscious. You try to cover it up with makeup, sometimes it works and sometimes it just looks like caked on makeup. If this is what you’ve been dealing with, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Dermefface FX7 is a scar reduction therapy by Skinception that could greatly fade, and sometimes even eliminate, scars left behind from an accident.

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How Do Scars Form?

When your skin is affected by an accident it usually involves a cut or severe bruise. The cuts are harder to heal and most times require stitches which are what leaves the scar tissue. Bruised areas will become black and blue and heal slowly but without scarring.

Your skin has three levels which are involved in healing the damaged area, the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. It depends on how deep your scarred area goes to see which levels need to be involved in the healing process. It is the level of the collagen that is produced that determines the level of healing.

Dermefface FX7 – Accident Scars Removal Cream (Good For Most Scars Actually :) )

When your scar begins to heal collagen is produced to help with this process. The problem is the production of collagen can be off balance. Too much will enlarge the scar and change the coloring. If not enough collagen is produced the scar will remain in a weakened condition and may even be susceptible to being injured again.

Dermefface FX7 is an accident scar removal cream that has a unique formula that helps to put your collagen levels back in balance. It helps the type III collagen promote the healing of the skin. It also aids the type I collagen which strengthens the skin.

During this process, the cells that have been scarred move to the surface of the skin. Once there they can be removed through natural exfoliation. Every 28 days your skin regenerates itself. Men’s faces are exfoliated every time they shave. The top layer of skin is gently removed making room for the newer skin underneath to appear. The new skin begins to replace the scarred area. If your scar is deep enough and is fairly large in size this process could take up to two years to heal on its own.

The formula that makes up Dermefface FX7 speeds up this process with its specially formulated components. It has seven active ingredients, 10 strong antioxidants, and five powerful moisturizers. The elements work together to address the scar tissue on all levels and work to diminish the appearance of the scar.

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How Quickly Can You See Changes With This Accident Scars Treatment?

If your scar is relatively new you can begin applying Dermefface FX7 daily once the wound is healed up and no longer wet and still in the healing process. While some companies may promise that your scars will automatically disappear, Dermefface FX7 is realistic.

These things do take time and this accident scars treatment may take 3 to 4 months to see a difference or even up to 6 months for larger deeper scars that are a result of surgical procedures. The fact is not how long will it take Dermefface FX7 to reduce the appearance of accident scars but rather that it actually does fade them away.

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