Amazing Scar Recovery For Lisa D’Amoto After Horrific Accident At Work

After being rushed to hospital where Lisa received emergency surgery it looked like she would be scarred for life – never to return to work in her upcoming career as a successful Model and Actress.

You can read all about it at Hollywoodlife here  (or copy this link into a new browser window: You can also read about the accident here on the Huffington Post.

Taken from Hollywood Life online this picture below show Lisa before her terrible accident at work and shortly after. The scars are frighteningly awful!


Dreadful though things were, there was a ray of hope when Lisa was introduced to an innovative new scar treatment lotion called Dermefface Fx7. A natural and safe herbal scar lotion, Dermefface was designed to treat all scars types including accident scars, surgery scars and injury scars, even scars from acne and chicken pox.

Lisa Back on Form and Looking Gorgeous

Recent_photo1And… as you can see Lisa has made a remarkable recovery. Her facial injury and scars are barely, if at all, recognizable. Here she is, a recent photo of her with her new baby boy.

Check out recent pics of Lisa here on Google.

You can connect to Lisa at her facebook page here.

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And yes you guess it, Lisa now endorses derfefface Fx7 (hint… look right :-).

Recent news from the makers of Dermefface Fx7…

Natural scar treatment used by Lisa D'Amoto


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