Best Cream For Accident Scars

Best Cream For Accident Scars – My Personal Experience Taught Me This

This is not an advertisement advertising a newly formulated best cream for accident scars but a testimonial from a real person.

A woman who had gone through all the treatment for accident scars available in the market in the year 2013. I searched both online and offline for scar removal products. I had also consulted a lot of experts on skin care and inquired them about the best cream to remove accident scars in a fast and efficient manner.


The sad news was that most of these experts claimed that there are no creams available in the market to remove accident scars within 2-3 months, they sympathized on my skin condition and told me to go through the same treatment prescribed by my doctors and allow the time to heal away the scar.

I tried many beauty products to hide my scars but none of them worked the way I wanted. The intensity of the scars was still visible for the entire world to see.

The Real Problem About Accident Scars

The accident scars were not the problem but the internal scars that you develop overtime when someone stares at your face and makes faces. You can literally hear what they are saying in their minds. I became more and more insecure day by day and avoided parties and functions.

My boyfriend also started spending less time with me because we were not hanging out too often. I know he loves me a lot but somehow due to my accident scars, i felt like he deserves someone much better than me. I was alienating him form myself and my life.

Introducing My Roommate

Nancy who was my roommate is a nurse. One day she contacted me through telephone and asked me to research on a scar removal product named-Dermefface FX7. As usual I checked the website went through all their claims. I also read many reviews about the product.

They have an option for people who wanted to try their product and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return them back to get a refund.

Nothing To Lose!

Anyway I brought the product used it for a week. You may be expecting that I would claim that it’s a miracle product and cured my accident scars in a month or so. But this is neither an advertisement nor a story where miracle happens too often. It’s plain simple life.

The Result Is A Healthy THUMBS UP

Dermefface FX7 minimized my scars like what they have claimed on their website. The skin cells below the accident scars are ‘remodeling’ themselves and as the cells of the scars wither off the new skin cells would replace the top most skin layer.

The size and depth of the scar determines the remodeling phase. If you have a deep scar then the remodeling phase can take up to 2 years. Dermefface FX7 is an effective cream to remove accident scars because it is formulated using 10 potent antioxidants and 5 super moisturizers that are fast-absorbing.

Every treatment for accident scars focuses on healing the skin cells and works on the remodeling Phase; Dermefface FX7 also does the same.

Dermefface FX7 also pushes the scarred and damaged cells from your skin surface. These cells are then sloughed away when you wash your face or take a bath. The normal production of cells underneath the skin also improves tremendously and you can see visible difference in your skin within days of using the product.

Scars are flattened and smoothed, because the older scarred cells are replaced by healthier cells. These healthy cells also have longer life span than the scarred cells. If you had redness and discoloration in your face along with the scar then dermefface FX7 is also effective against that.

The redness and discoloration happens due to the lack of moisture and nutrition in those cells of the skin near the scars. Dermefface FX7 increases the production of both Type I & Type III collagen in epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissues.

The production of collagen is also a matter of concern; if too much collagen is produced then your scar will become larger and more discolored.

Treatment for accident scars are effective only if speed healing of the tissues of the skin take place. Dermefface guarantees a 28-day cycle of skin cell regeneration.

Dermefface FX7 is effective non-greasy cream for accident scars, use it twice daily and you can see visible results within 4 weeks.