Coping With Self Injury Scars The Right Way

What Is Self Injury?

Self Injury scars are injuries caused by the person themselves on any part of their body. These injuries may be on the face, arms, and knees or anywhere on your body. The people, who hurt themselves, often do this to feel better.

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They want to reduce the stress they are facing at the moment. Some people do it out of desperation. Sometimes the cuts they make in their body get so deep that it requires serious medical attention. The person only realizes at a later time that this injury left behind scars which will last for years to come.

Why Do Self Injury?

Doctors say that inflicting Self Injury makes the people feel calm and prevent numbness. It’s a process of mental self defense and not a major physiological problem. You cannot stop the person from punishing themselves in the future but you can definitely help them cope with the self injury scars.

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How to Deal with Self Injury Scars

Self harm is a coping mechanism and people may hurt themselves by cutting, burning and bruising any part of their body. Dealing with self injury scars is the difficult part and such scars take years to heal. People of all ages, male and female, all sexualities, religions, cultures and races hurt them self to cope with their emotions.

One should not feel embarrassed about the scars, instead you need to embrace your scars and believe that you can always get over your scars like the stress that caused you to create those scars. You do not need to worry about what people may think about you. You should never cover up your scars because sooner or later people who work with you will notice that.

There are good and bad people everywhere, the bad ones will always bad mouth you behind your back but the good people will understand you. Leave the past behind and move on towards a better future. You can explain that you were once ill and you have overcome that and people will understand that.

The media especially the advertisements target the self injury scars of teenage girls because the girls at this age are beauty conscious. The advertisements showcase quick healing of scars to entice the teenage girls to buy their product. The self injury scars can be used by anyone but the result varies because the chemical composition of the creams differs from product to product. The skin type also determines the healing.

Natural Treatments for Scars

Natural treatment for scars is better than cosmetic treatments because natural treatments leave no side effects and is suitable for any skin type. Natural treatments for scars are cheap and effective.

Natural treatments are not promoted by the media because any one can get the treatments for free or can make the composition for the natural treatments in the comfort of the home. People who do not have enough money can opt for natural treatment for self harm scars.

Teenagers who are afraid of telling their parents about the scars can also invest their time and money on natural treatments.

You can use bio oils like coconut oil on your scars and the scars will fade over time. Using coconut oil on your scars helps the scars to fade quickly because your skin absorbs the nutrients present in the coconut oil. The anti-bacterial properties in coconut oil make sometimes make your scars itchy and you do not need to worry about that. The itch is not due to any allergies, the itching is an indication that the coconut oil is working to fade the scars.

Some people use 3 different medications at the same time to improve the chances of healing. Each type of medication whether taken internally or externally will work on the scars, but the healing of the scars will only happen according to the body’s natural healing process.

The healing process requires a specific time frame to complete and you cannot accelerate that. 3 different medications can also cause side effects because the chemical composition is different in each medicine. If different medications are taken internally then they may cause several problems to your skin and you will rarely realize it, until it’s too late.

Dealing with self injury scars is easy; all you need is the right mindset and the right scar treatment! And to repeat our earlier recommendation you should try this award winning natural scar treatment lotion.

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