How To Get Rid Of Accident Scars

How to get rid of accident scars completely

There are several methods of getting rid of accident scars completely. There are natural remedies as well as medical treatments. If the accident scars are really long and deep then you can also undergo plastic surgery. The creams available in the market focus on reducing the appearance of your scar and making it fade away.

Instead of treating your scars by referring the fashion books or the internet recommend seeing a dermatologist. The information that you find in the internet may be misleading or the reviews of the products may be done by professional copywriters, who get paid for any content they write by cosmetic companies.

A dermatologist is able to tell you what kind of scar you have and the most effective way to treat it and completely remove it, without damaging your skin. You can also ask them about the home remedies that you may have read in book or the internet.

The dermatologist may suggest you several treatments like peels, steroid injections, or laser surgery, if you cannot financially afford these treatments then be sure to mention that to your dermatologist. There are always alternative treatments for peels, steroid injections, or laser surgery but it may take more time than the other.

Scar Types

There are our types of scars. The first one is Keloid scars which are formed as a result of an overly aggressive healing process mostly caused by an accident. Keloid scars, if not properly treated will last for a lifetime. Your moment can also be hampered by Keloid scars. These types of scars are much common among people with dark skin.

Contracture scars occurs on burned skin. Depending on the intensity of the burn the contracture scars may also go deeper, affecting muscles and nerves. This scar tightens skin and is one of the most difficult scars to remove. If your muscles and nerves are affected then you may need a plastic surgery to remove the scar forever.

Raised, red scars that are caused on the top most layer of your skin are called hypertrophic scars. This type of scars can be treated easily.

Acne scars are much common among teenagers and it is caused to the increase in hormone levels in the body. These types of acne scars are easily treatable but the treatment differs by skin type and the age of the person. Some acne scars, range from deep pits to scars that are angular or wavelike in appearance.

How to get rid of scars due to accident

You can consider doing dermabrasion. The dermabrasion process is effective. The surgeon uses a wire brush or diamond wheel having rough edges to remove the top layers of the skin. This process may cause your skin to bleed and it a bit painful too.

The healing process starts where the top layers of the skin are removed and new and healthy skin takes its place. But there are certain criteria that make you eligible to undergo dermabrasion process.

If you have been using isotretinoin then you cannot undergo dermabrasion process. People with a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring cannot go through dermabrasion process.

People who have a skin, blood flow, or immune disorder or are sensitive to cold temperatures should never do dermabrasion, because these factors make the healing process more difficult. After going through the dermabrasion process you can get rid of scars due to accidents.

How to remove accident scars from body

To remove accident scars from body you can do surgical scar revision. Surgical scar revision is very effective for people who have suffered burns. The skin is taken from another area of your body and used in the surgical process.

The wide or long scars in your body are healed abnormally after doing this process. Surgical technique only leaves a delicate and less obvious on your body but it’s still visible to the naked eyes. The drawback is that you need to wait for years to get the surgical scars to fade away.

Plastic surgery for accident scars – Is it effective

Yes plastic surgery for accident scars is very effective but the surgery is very costly and you need months to heal. Once you have undergone plastic surgery then the scars will be completely removed for ever from your skin.