How To Make Self Injury Scars Go Away – How I Did It And How You Can Achieve The Same

Self harm scars are always embarrassing and it completely projects you in a bad light in front of the public. People make all kind of wrong assumptions about a person having self harm scars. People do not show concern about their scars or they rarely seem to notice that but in their mind they may hold a negative feeling towards you.

Women may have gossips among their social circle projecting you as a person having negative self- issues while most men will not like to hang out with you. People in general try to avoid people with self harm scars mostly out of fear.

Many people who hurt themselves have made up their mind not to hurt themselves again. Women who have self injury scars are self conscious and scared to wear bikini’s or change in the girls locker rooms. They also avoid short shorts because they have to hide their scars from others. Women hate to be ridiculed and pointed out for their faults.

So.. the question that subsequently arises is “how can I make self injury scars go away?” (and live a normal life again!). Thankfully there are a handful of good scar treatment regimes which you can try. By far my best experience has been with Dermefface Fx7. Dermefface is a natural herbal topical lotion that is applied on a regular basis. You can expect to see results within a few months. You read more about it below and elsewhere on his site. In the meantime here is a link for a closer look at it..

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Do self injury scars heal?

Yes injury scars do heal automatically to some extent. Scars are damaged tissues and to completely remove them we need to encourage the growth of healthy tissues in and around the scars. There are many ways by which you can make self harm scars go away.

Here is one way that injury scars can be abolished is by using this natural topical scar treatment that was discussed above. Here you’ll read the fascinating story about an actress who after receiving some dreadful accident scars, used this lotion to repair herself back to her former beauty!

There are costly treatments as well as natural remedies. For instance cosmetic surgery can help.

Other somewhat novel exercises can include the use Cocoa butter on your scars after taking a bath. Try to mix some bio oil or any scar reducing lotion/oil that worked well without causing an irritation on your skin. Apply this mixture at least once for an entire month and you will find visible difference.

I have also tried shea butter along with oils containing vitamin C on my deeper scars. These scars were pretty thick scars and it took me 6 months of effort, time and patience to make them fade away.

How to make self injury scars go away – DIY at home

1. If you have a dry skin then uses Vaseline on your scars twice daily. Many doctors recommend Vaseline for minor surgery scars. Vaseline is also better than bio oils during winter season and they are easier to clean off from your clothes that come in contact with your skin.

2. Wounds formed as a result of cuts will automatically heal. You can peel of the dead tissues on top of those wounds by using corn grits and olive oil. Make sure that you do not apply to much force or the unhealed parts of the wound may start bleeding. After removing the black dead tissues you need to apply a mixture of honey with a bit of lemon drops on the scars.

Applying honey will help enhance the regenerative ability of our skin cells. The lemon drops will act as an antibacterial agent and guards the newly formed tissues underneath your scars. Wash the mixture off your skin after 10 minutes. You can fade 90% of the scars within 2 months if you use this mixture 3 times every week.

3. Bio oil also helps to fade scars. You can use sugar and salt scrubs along with the bio oils. There are many ways by which you can make sugar and salt scrubs at home but if you are too lazy to do it you can buy them at stores.

4. Vitamin E is used by the surgeons on surgery scars to make them heal faster. You can buy Vitamin E oils from your general store and use them on your skin but to get maximum effect you need to use concentrated vitamin E. Many oils will only use vitamin E in limited quantities and only a tiny amount of vitamin E is absorbed by your skin when you apply those oils. Buy vitamin E capsules, poke then with a needle and apply on your scars, so that your skin tissues can directly absorb the Vitamin E.

5. There are Lotions and body washes that have coco and shea as their main ingredients. Coco and shea helps in the faster healing of scars and by using them regularly you can make your skin cells healthy.

6. Besides the above DIY methods you might consider this highly respected scar treatment from Skinception called DermeffaceFx7. You can discover how this scar lotion has helped a young lady make an amazing accident scar recovery.

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