Surgery Scar Cream Reviews – What Cream Is Good For Surgery Scars?

Surgery Scar Creams can be applied on different parts of our body. Apart from accidents there are many other ways by which you can get scars.

For instance, breast augmentation and related scars are examples of this kind of scars. Since the women opting for breast augmentation are beauty conscious, they may also want to remove the scars forever from their skin.

Adhesive silicone sheeting can be incredibly helpful in this type of situations. Silicone gel sheeting for scars can be cut to any size you desire and placed over the scar.

Popular brands of silicone gel sheeting offer them for under $50.There is herbal surgery scar cream as well as silicone based creams that are effective against scars.

Let’s Find Out Which Scar Creams are More Effective on Your Scars


Silicone-containing creams, gels, or strips are also effective and most doctors recommend them to their patients. ScarGuard is one of several surgery scar creams in the market. Scarguard and its related products combine the medically endorsed treatments and their own patented technology to create better surgery scar creams than their competitors.

The creams produced are fast-drying brush-on, clear liquid and they will remain invisible on your skin after application. Scarguard creams are waterproof and you can cover the cream with makeup .Many plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend Scarguard to their patients.

What Scarguard does is that it helps to guard against scar formation after surgery. Scarguard also prevents further injuries on the skin and flatten old raised scars. Scarguard also provides a temporary relief to itching, inflammation & rashes.

The main ingredients used in this cream are silicone 12%, Hydrocortisone 0.5%, Vitamin E, Specially-Formulated Flexible Collodion. Scarguard works 24/7 on your scars because it bio-mechanically attaches to your skin and does not roll up, fall off or wipe off like creams or patches. This cream makes your dark spots lighter and in many cases whiter. You need to peel off the old stuff off and wash the area before applying a new coat of Scarguard.

The Downside to Scarguard

But i personally found a few draw backs to Scarguard. First of all this cream is ineffective against sunken scars but its adverts claim that this cream is effective against sunken scars. Scarguard smells like nail polish and after application it becomes like a thin, translucent paper on your skin and applying it on active areas of your skin (like elbow or leg) will cause it to automatically flake right off when you move or run.

And another drawback is that sometimes even washing does not remove the previous coat of Scarguard and you need to rub and peel off the remaining flakes before applying a new coat. A lot of people will also find this product really uncomfortable, because most of them buy this product with the intention that they can be easily washed off when they take shower.

Some people use ScarGuard along with some other moisturizing creams to hydrate their skin. Many people who also use ScarGuard along with a sunblock (mostly from Obagi). While purchasing sun blocks buy moisturizers with an SPF of 30 or higher.

If you want to minimize the cost then use an over-the-counter 1% hydrocortizone cream such as Cortaid and a good moisturizer.

Surgery scar healing cream can be herbal too. Quantum Derma scar treatment contains 14 natural healing ingredients. These ingredients will moisturize your skin and effectively reduce the appearance of existing scars. Scars will become softer and smoother when applied on regular basis.

This natural treatment is effective against calluses, scar tissue, and other skin hardening. It is also effective against stretch marks. The main ingredient is onion extract, its natural anti-inflammatory properties inhibits the over-production of collagen in a scar. Other ingredients are lysine, vitamin E, tamanu Oil and allantoin.

There are no drawbacks but you have to massage this creams into your skin.

Herbal Surgery Scar Option – Final & Possibly The Best Cream For Surgery Scars

The question still remains what cream is good for surgery scars. The closes answer i can give you is Dermefface FX7. Dermefface FX7 uses 7 clinically proven active ingredients, 10 potent antioxidants and 5 super moisturizers and they work on every layer of your skin and increases the production of ‘normal and healthy cells’. This is a herbal product and does not cause any side effects in the long run. Click here to check out the Dermefface FX7 website.